About Us

Buying a Food Van Trailer is probably the most important decision if you are in the business of mobile catering.
We are a top end manufacturer of mobile food vans and we have over a decade of experience in manufacturing high quality food van trailers.

We can build and create a mobile food van kitchen for you to your specifications.

All our trailers are Australian made.We do not use any unsafe cheap imports because we believe in giving you a finished product that will make your life hassle free and helps operate your business in a smooth and efficient manner.

The body of the trailer is made of bondor panels that comes with 25 year warranty which is the best in the market.
And every food van trailer on its own comes with the standard 1 year warranty as well.We completely understand the fact that this can be your full time work and business and we go the extra mile in making sure the trailer is thoroughly tested before delivery So can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.

We can custom make any food van to suit your needs.Please call us on (03) 9357 7773 to arrange for an appointment so you can visit our factory in Campbellfield and discuss your requirements for a food van trailer.